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Kalibrasi ODME Oil Discharge Monitor Equipment di Indonesia


InstrumentsControl.com Layanan Teknis Jasa Automasi & Instrumentasi menyediakan Jasa : 

Kalibrasi ODME Oil Discharge Monitor Equipment

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Perbaikan ODME Oil Discharge Monitor Equipment 

Instalasi ODME Oil Discharge Monitor Equipment

Komisioning ODME Oil Discharge Monitor Equipment

Perawatan ODME Oil Discharge Monitor Equipment 

 Perbaikan & Kalibrasi ODME Indonesia - ShipSupply.id

Instrumentscontrol.com bagian dari SHIPSUPPLY.ID Indonesian Ship Supply & Services melayani Perbaikan, Penjualan, Instalasi dan Kalibrasi ODME Oil Discharge Monitor Equipment di Workshop kami dan di seluruh pelabuhan Indonesia. 

SHIPSUPPLY.ID Indonesian Marine Supply & Services memiliki Tim Teknisi yang Handal, Terlatih dan Berpengalaman dalam bidang jasa Perbaikan & Kalibrasi ODME Oil Discharge Monitor Equipment dari berbagai type & Merk ;  Cleantrack Brannstrom, Cleantoil Jowa, Smart Odme Rivertrace, Oil Con Mark VHF Instrument, Seil Seres, dll 

Silahkan Hubungi kami untuk Pertanyaan & Permintaan Bisnis : 

Email :   sales.shipservices@gmail.com

Whatsapp & Telegram :  +62 877-9007-7828

Kalibrasi & Perbaikan ODME Indonesia - ShipSupply.id

SHIPSUPPLY.ID juga Menyediakan Pelayanan Teknis Jasa Perbaikan, Perawatan, Penjualan & Instalasi Instrumen Kontrol & Sistem Automasi Kapal Laut , antara lain ;

15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor 

Ballast Tank Gauging and Gas Detection 

Gas Sampling System 

Oil Mist Detector (OMD) 

Over Fill Alarm System 

Chain Locker Water Level 

Stern Thruster 

Bow Thruster Control 


COT / Cargo Oil Tank 

Water Flooding Alarm System

15 ppm OWS Oil Water Separator 

Smoke Detector 

Gas Sampling System 

UTI meter / UTI tapes Ullage Temperature Interface 

ODME Oil Discharge Monitor Equipment 

High Level Alarm 

Engine control systems 

Engine safety alarm & shutdown system 

Engine Telegraph Systems 

Inert Gas (IG) / O2 Analyzer 

PLC Control Panels and Power Distribution Panels 

Engine Room Alarm 

General Alarm System 

Sound Powered Intercom systems 

PA & Talkback/ Intercom system 

Remote Control & Panel Control 

Incinerator System

Reverse Osmosis (RO) System 

Fresh Water Generator System 

Pressure / Temperature Measuring Instruments 

Pump Room Gas Detection 

Fire Alarm System

Cargo Tank monitoring system (Level, Pressure, Temp.)

Noise Survey & Megger Test 


Controllable Pitch Propulsion (CCP) 

Steam Condenser Level Control System 

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System (ICCP) 

Shaft Power and Ship Performance System 

15 ppm Bilge Separator 

Portable Multi Gas Detector 

Portable Single Gas Detector

Fixed Gas Detection System 

Jasa Perbaikan, Instalasi, Penjualan, Kalibrasi ODME Indonesia - ShipSupply.id

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